Enjoy Summer With a Jeep Bikini Top

A Jeep bikini top is the perfect Jeep accessory to enjoy the warmth of spring and summer. Come summer all jeepers are ready to stash away their full tops. After being closed in the cab for the long, dreary winter months being able to enjoy the warm breeze on your face is a wonderful treat.

However, before you fall prey to sunburns and more serious problems due to over exposure to heat, think about getting a Jeep bikini top. The bikini top is like having the best of both worlds.

It works really well to keep the direct sun off your face even with your full top put away or the soft top down. Yet, it allows you to enjoy the wind in your hair and the lovely breeze on your face.

The Jeep bikini top was invented by Bestop and they continue to be the best in the business. Bestop offers five types of bikini tops.

  • Traditional bikini top: The original soft bikini top this one continues to be very popular with jeepers. To install a bikini top you will need a Windshield Retaining Channel so ensure that your Jeep is equipped with one. The traditional Jeep bikini top is available in all the original colors of your rig’s interiors.
  • Strapless bikini top: Bestop added wrap around strap attachments to the Jeep strapless bikini to allow for easy installation. However, this bikini top requires drilling into the windshield so if that’s not ok with you then you may want to try another kind. Only front cab is protected.
  • Safari Jeep bikini top: Less drilling required than the strapless, the safari is a beautiful accessory for a compelling off-road look. It offers full safety from nature’s fury and protects the driver as well as the rear passengers from rain and sun. A channel is required to secure it to the windshield. Jeepers who use soft tops will already have the channel in place. Hard top owners will need to get one.
  • Header Jeep bikini top: The only no-drill bikini top and very popular with Jeepers. It is available in the strapless and the full cover safari styles and is extremely easy to install. It requires a drill free windshield channel and a header rail.
  • Sunlighter Jeep bikini top: A fantastic and revolutionary innovation from Bestop, this bikini top is made of a unique fabric. The semi-transparent mesh like fabric does not allow water to pass through and provides shade. Yet, it allows a modicum of uv-filtered sunlight to come through. So you can enjoy riding around in the shade without completely blocking the sun.

STRAPLESS BIKINI TOPS FOR JEEPS makes installation of this bikini top a snap. It has reinforced edges to eliminate flapping and its made of high-quality color-matched fabric. If you are currently riding with a hard top, you will now be able to enjoy the summer in style Whichever bikini top you choose the one thing that is guaranteed is that Jeep bikini tops enhance your jeeping experiences.

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