Hail The Jeep Commander

jeep Commander

jeep commander exteriorThe latest addition to the Jeep family – Jeep Commander – has experts claiming that Jeep is re-visiting its roots. However, before you go thinking that this beauty is only for collectors, the latest technological inventions have been added to it to make it appealing to Gen X Jeepers.

Inspired by the boxy Willys Station Wagon, the Jeep Commander has a squarish body that has been called ugly at worst and reminiscent of the early Jeeps at best. If the basic body style works for you then you will fall in love with the new features added to the Commander.

jeep commander interior

Immediately noticeable are the third row of seats and the change to a stadium-style of seating in the Commander. So each row is placed a little higher than the preceding row to allow the backseat passengers a great view as well.

There are also special controls to allow you to adjust the comfort levels of the third row. In addition, there is a DVD for the rear passengers, an automatic sunroof, Command view skylights over the middle row, a digital tire pressure gauge, an alarm system, and a hands-free communication device.

The other fantastic technological additions to the Jeep Commander are:

jeep commander exterior

  • ESP or Electronic Stability Program: This is a great program designed to keep the vehicle on track. ESP detects any major differences between the path of the vehicle and the Jeeper’s intended path. It then uses controlled braking and throttle to get the vehicle back on track.
  • Electronic Roll Mitigation: This is a fantastic program for off-roaders. It is able to judge the possibility of the vehicle rolling over. If the need arises it decreases engine torque and applies brakes to the relevant wheel to balance the vehicle. It thus significantly decreases the potential for rollovers.
  • TCS or All-Speed Traction Control System: A program designed to provide more control to drivers on slippery surfaces and to allow easy acceleration on slick surfaces.

Other technical advancements in the Jeep Commander include the belt alert, emergency brake assist, enhanced accident response system, park sense rear backup detection system, and the tire pressure and monitor.

Jeep Commander engineThere’s good news where the engine of the Jeep Commander is concerned as well. Jeepers can select amongst 2 V-8 choices and a 3.7 liter V-6. A great option for the really enthusiastic Jeeper is the powerful 5.7 liter V-8 Hemi with Daimler-Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement System or MDS.

In an economy that faces continually increasing fuel prices, this system is a boon. The MDS switches off up to 4 cylinders when the extra power is not required. This helps in maximizing fuel efficiency and can spike fuel economy by almost 20%!

Thus, the Jeep Commander is feature-loaded and yet with its old-fashioned looks pays a tribute to the Jeeps of yore. And if early sales are anything to go by then the Jeep Commander is yet another chapter in Jeep’s evergreen success story.

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