What Is A Jeep Concept Car?

What Is A Jeep Concept Car

Jeep ConceptA Jeep concept car is a prototype of a proposed Jeep design. It is extremely difficult to gauge the feasibility of any Jeep design on paper alone. A Jeep concept is thus a car that is made to evaluate the proposed design, as it would appear on a real, full-size Jeep.

When a designer creates a new Jeep design or proposes changes to an existing design, the company cannot directly implement the proposed changes. The implementation of a new design requires extensive planning, immense infrastructure, and considerable finances.

jeep willys conceptExecuting a proposed design without fully understanding its benefits and how it affects other aspects of the Jeep would be extremely risky. Hence, these cars are designed to help evaluate the feasibility of a new concept.

Sometimes these cars are also used to get feedback from laymen on a new design. Depending on the response from prospective customers the company decides whether to implement the new changes or not. Jeep concept cars are also a great way to get the designers thinking from a new perspective. Seeing their designs executed in reality often gives designers new innovative ideas and solutions to various problems that may not occur to them when designing on paper.

jeep wrangler conceptOften concept cars are designed to test just one specific aspect of the car. It could even be something as simple as the color of the vehicle or its interiors. The reactions of the public are assessed to decide whether the change is positive or negative. Many manufacturers make concept cars that cannot be driven but are just life scale models that can be studied. Others prefer to create concept cars that can actually be driven.

However, a Jeep concept car cannot be driven at the same speeds that a regular Jeep can be without compromising safety. Therefore, concept cars are often limited in their engine capabilities.

In effect, Jeep concept cars are working models of proposed designs that allow the manufacturer to test the feasibility, acceptability, and adaptability of a new design.

Check out some of the concept cars that jeep has come up with over the years.

Jeep Rescue

The Jeep Rescue is designed to be the supreme all-terrain vehicle and equipped with state of the art safety and rescue equipment.

Jeep Hurricane

The Jeep Hurricane is an off-roader’s delight thanks to brilliant new technical features including two HEMI engines and a turning radius of absolute zero.

Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator boasts unique storage and cargo-hauling capabilities along with all standard Jeep functionalities.

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