Jeep Gun Rack: for Your Safety and the Protection of Your Guns

Is a jeep gun rack right for you?

Hunting is a sport that many of us love to do. Driving into the wilderness, camping outdoors, handling guns and tracking game can all be fun and rewarding. But if your gun becomes damaged while driving to your favorite hunting spot, all that hard work preparing for that special day will be for nothing.

When going hunting it is very important to look out for the safety of everyone involved. So it is imperative to install a Jeep gun rack in the vehicle to prevent damage to your guns or even injuries to those riding in your jeep.

If your Jeep is not fitted with a gun rack, you only have two options for carrying your guns. The first is to simply keep the gun on the seat beside you or behind you and let it bounce around all over the place.

Imagine having your gun damaged or someone injured only because you overlooked installing a Jeep gun rack. It will not even make for a great hunting story! A gun rack can be fitted inside most Jeeps very easily and will hold your gun securely in place. Thus, you can avoid hunting accidents and damaging your guns.

And the second is to carry your gun in its case and have to remove the gun before being able to use it. Now of course, we’d all like the animals to be kind enough to give us enough time to stop the jeep, remove the gun, load it and take a shot. Unfortunately, nature is rarely quite so accommodating.

Just about everyone that I hunt with brings their jeeps for the two and a half weeks that we spend high in the north Cascades dear and elk hunting. For years all we could do was let our guns bounce around in the jeep, or hold them between our legs.

The only option that is really viable and makes complete practical sense is to install a Jeep gun rack in your vehicle. The gun rack will not only hold your gun safely when on the move, it also keeps the gun in a ready-to-use condition at all times.

Installing a Jeep gun rack is not difficult but first you need to choose one that suits your needs.

About two years ago I came across the Dan-D jeep gun rack. The Dan-D gun rack is a good option that most people are comfortable with, and one that most everyone in our hunting party have chosen including myself.

It’s definitely one of the most compact and easy to install gun racks on the market. It’s also one of the best gun racks for a jeep wrangler.

The Dan-D is your answer to the perfect jeep gun rack.

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