Benefits Of A Jeep Hardtop Hoist

jeep hardtop hoist

If you have ever tried taking off a 150 lb hardtop from your rig without a Jeep hardtop hoist, then you already know what the benefits of a hoist are. Jeepers with a hardtop on their rig certainly enjoy the best of both worlds. A closed rig during the chill of winter and an open-air vehicle to enjoy the summer light.

However, what people are often unaware of is how difficult it can be to install, remove and store the Jeep hardtop.

jeep hardtop hoistA Jeep hardtop weighs approximately 150 lbs and is rather huge and bulky in size. Removing it by yourself is not easy even if you are 6 feet tall and pack 200 lbs of pure muscle. If you are a petite 110 pounds then just forget about it.

A Jeep hardtop hoist can be real handy. Not only does it make removing the hardtop from your rig a matter of a few minutes and little effort, it can also resolve your storage issues.

Most jeepers who do not have proper garage storage space for their hardtops have no choice but to put their hardtops on wooden doilies. If lucky the doilies can be stored in low roofed garages or have to be left in the backyard all summer.

jeep hardtop hoistFor those jeepers who are lucky enough to have a closed garage a hardtop hoist is perhaps one of the best investments to make. A hardtop hoist can be attached to the ceiling of the garage and then used to remove the hardtop from your rig. You can also leave the hardtop hanging from the rafters all summer with no damage to it at all.

A hardtop hoist costs about $150 – $200. Hardtop hoists come with different kinds of lifting systems including the manual pulley, brake winch or motor winch.

You can also choose to build your own Jeep hardtop hoist by installing four eyebolts from the rafters and then using nylon straps to suspend the hardtop from the ceiling. Building your own hoist can save you anywhere from 50% to 75% of the cost of buying one!

All in all, a Jeep hardtop hoist is a great way to ensure that your hardtop stays undamaged when not in use.

Also, don’t forget to check out the HOIST-A-TOP™ KIT from the well known and always trusted J. C. Whitney . They have a very well made Jeep Hardtop Hoist that uses cables instead of ropes.

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