Introducing The Jeep Hurricane

Introducing The Jeep Hurricane

2005 Jeep HurricaneIf James Bond were to ever drive a Jeep, this would be it. The Jeep Hurricane is a bold testament to the creative and experimental nature of Chrysler’s concept vehicles. The mechanical expertise exhibited with this jeep concept car is yet unmatched.

The design of the Jeep Hurricane is very uniquely Jeep. The interior and exterior blends with an open-air cockpit and a partly visible engine. Huge trail-worthy tires and strong fenders combined with the distinctive grille from Jeep make this jeep concept car a force to reckon with.

As great looking as this jeep concept car is, what Jeep enthusiasts really love are the not one but two 5.7-liter HEMI engines installed in the rig in the front and rear. 37-inch tall tires, 14.3 inches of ground clearance, and approach/departure angles of 64.0 / 86.7 degrees mean that there are few obstacles that this jeep concept car will not be able to climb.

2005 Jeep HurricaneThe absolute winner of course has to be the turn radius of absolute zero and the ability to turn all four wheels in the same direction enabling crab steering.Being able to move sideways without having to change directions means that this jeep concept car is definitely targeted at off-roaders.

In short, when the Jeep Hurricane is launched as a Trail Rated vehicle all other 4 x 4 rigs will have a new standard to meet!

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