The Jeep Liberty CRD A Great Diesel Engine

The Jeep Liberty CRD or Common Rail Diesel launched in 2005 is Jeep’s answer to complaints about the Jeep Liberty’s fuel economy. The turbo charged 2.8 liter, 4 cylinder diesel engine installed in the Jeep Liberty is an environmentalist’s delight. It is said to improve mileage by about 25%.

The diesel engine of the Jeep Liberty has 160 horsepower and 295 torque. Jeep describes the engine of the Jeep Liberty as having the torque of a V8 engine, the acceleration of a V6 engine with the fuel economy of a 4 cylinder engine. All in all, a great way to save money on fuel. Of course, the Jeep Liberty CRD comes at a premium price and is steeper than the Jeep Liberty Limited and Standard models. The Jeep Liberty comes with a 5 speed automatic transmission.

The biggest concern with buying any diesel vehicle is of course the noise and rattle generated by the engine. However, the Jeep Liberty CRD pleasantly surprises with its softly humming engine. When the Jeep Liberty is cruising along the engine noise is practically indistinguishable. It is much more pronounced on start up and when the vehicle is idle.

The reason for the smooth functioning of the Jeep Liberty’s diesel engine is the new CRD or common rail technology. The fuel is directly injected into an open combustion chamber through the rail or tube.

In addition to the more economical diesel engine the Jeep Liberty also feature some improvements to the interiors and exteriors of the rig. So if the rising fuel prices scare you, the Jeep Liberty CRD is a great way to go!

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