Saving Lives With The Jeep Rescue

Saving Lives With The Jeep Rescue

jeep rescue conceptThe Jeep Rescue is the ultimate concept vehicle for any kind of search and rescue operation that needs to be carried out in difficult terrains. It is designed and equipped with special equipment that aids the efforts of a search team and can save precious time on rescue missions.

To make it an efficient rescue vehicle this jeep concept car is designed to run effectively in the harshest of mountainous and desert regions. It is also fitted with the latest state-of-the-art rescue equipment.

The Jeep Rescue Design:

jeep rescue conceptThis jeep concept car can be modified to be totally open by folding down the front windshield and retracting the backlight. The front sunroof slides out, the back canvas roof folds forwards and all four doors can be detached.

The body-on-frame build is accompanied by hydroformed frame rails, an 80-inch wide chassis, and a 123-inch wheelbase. This jeep concept car is extremely steady and has a solid footing on all surfaces. The 37-inch tires have an MTR tread and can be run flat negating the need for a spare. The driver can also control the tire pressure and tune it to allow maximum traction on all surfaces.

The Safety Equipment Aboard Jeep Rescue:

    • Allows seating for 5 adults.
    • Equipped with 3D topographical mapping software and a topographical navigation system.
    • Under-chassis point of view cameras that allow the driver to negotiate rough paths and avoid dangers.
    • Passive, infrared thermal cameras that aid the rescue operations.
    • Comes equipped with a satellite telephone, VHF radio, digital video recorder with satellite transmission capability.
    • Has retractable 4-point harnesses.
    • The front and the rear winch are remotely controlled.
    • The rear compartment stores folding seats.

In short, the Jeep Rescue is an incomparable all-terrain Jeep that can help save many lives.

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