Features of the Jeep Rubicon 2003

Features of the Jeep Wraangler Rubicon 2003

The 2003 Jeep Rubicon is a true trail-worthy out-of-the-box Jeep. Serious off-roaders believe it is the answer to all their prayers!

jeep rubiconThe Wrangler (TJ) Rubicon is all set up for trail use straight from the factory and comes with a factory warranty as well. Some of the features that differentiate this beauty from previous Jeeps and make it so great for trail runs are as below.

Powerful engine

The Rubicon has a powerful 4.0-liter engine, which provides 190 horsepower and 235 lb.-ft of torque. T-case with 4.0:1 low range (the previous version was 3.73:1), delivering more power at the slow speeds. More than 10 inches of ground clearance on a short (93.4-inch) wheelbase.

Dana Model 44 axles (Front and rear)

These are built strong enough to handle all off-road conditions that the Jeep Rubicon may encounter.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2003

Goodyear MT/R 31″ Tires

The new Rubicon tires feature large lugs and voids in the tread. The tread wraps around the sidewall to help grab ledges. The tires have a more puncture-resistant sidewall. They are mounted on new 16″ 5 spoke, aluminum wheels designed with a dish face to protect them from debris and obstacles on the trail.

Locking differentials

A switch on the dashboard of the Rubicon can be used to lock the rear axle and toggle the front axle on and off. This greatly improves maneuverability. A pneumatic pump runs at just 6 pounds per square inch for a very quiet system. It also mechanically locks the axle shafts together so that all four wheels of the Jeep Rubicon drive at the same speed.

4 wheel disc brakes

Jeep Rubicon 2003The brakes of the Rubicon are self-cleaning off-road and perform better. They give a better off-road feel; have lesser stopping distance and reduced brake fade.

Heavy gauge diamond plate sill guards protect rocker panels.

New safety equipment included in the Jeep Rubicon is the front-seat airbags and LATCH child seat safety.

A torque-sensing limited-slip feature on the rear axle provides better traction on the road for the Rubicon.

With all these new enhancements for many, the Jeep Rubicon has become the only vehicle worthy of being called an off-road vehicle!

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