Jeep Seat Belts: A Necessity

If you ever wonder whether you really need Jeep seat belts then read on.

  • An accident that happens at 30 mph has the same impact as falling down three stories.
  • For people who worry about being trapped in the car because of the seatbelt here’s an interesting statistic. You are 25 times more likely to be grievously hurt if you are thrown out of the car than if you are inside with your seat belt on.
  • 80% accidents happen within 25 miles of the home and under 40 mph. You need Jeep seat belts ALL the time.
  • While airbags are effective with seatbelts they are not that great by themselves. They don’t protect against side impacts at all.

jeep seat belts

Frankly, there really is no case against wearing your seat belts. If nothing else convinces you then the fact that it is illegal to drive without one on should be reason enough for you to get the best quality seat belts there are.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must invest in quality Jeep seat belts. Just having seat belts for namesake or ones that have over extended their utility is asking for trouble.

Your seat belts must fit snugly over your shoulders, collar bones, ribcage and hip bones. These bones can absorb high impact without much damage to the body and save you from serious injury.

For off-roaders especially Jeep seat belts are absolutely indispensable. There are three primary types of seat belts available. The difference lies in the number of points your Jeep seat belts have.

  • Lap Jeep seat belts: Also known as the two point seat belts these are similar to the belts you strap in airplanes. These go across your lap and buckle you in. The problem with two point belts is that they don’t protect your neck and in case of a crash you could easily hit your head on the steering wheel or snap your neck.
  • Lap & Shoulder seat belts: Also known as the three point seat belts these are what you see in most regular cars and vehicles. The seat belt has a lap belt as well as a shoulder harness. This is a good option for most Jeepers except those into serious off-roading.
  • Racing style or Off-roading seat belts: Also known as the five point seat belts these offer maximum protection and are idea for serious off-roaders. You can choose between bolt ends or snap ends depending on your preference and requirements.

These seat belts also come with two mounting options. You can choose between roll bar mounts and floor mounts.

Some Jeepers like to get their Jeep seat belts custom made but that may not be really required. The options available in the market are aplenty and you are definitely going to find something that suits your requirements. Just remember that safety comes first!

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