The Jeep Trail Rack: Economical, Efficient and Easy!

jeep spare tire rack

One of the more popular Jeep accessories amongst Jeepers is the jeep trail rack. The increased storage space is generally much appreciated on overnight off-roading trips. If you plan on taking frequent overnight or weekend trips, installing a trail rack is a wise decision.

You can choose from various kinds of jeep racks available in the market. The jeep trail rack is one of the most popular racks amongst Jeepers. The trail rack is extremely easy to install and a great option if you are looking for a quick and easy option.

The Jeep trail rack generally goes above the spare tire at the back of your rig. Most trail racks have a large storage bin to hold and secure luggage, coolers and camping gear.

jeep rack

The latest designs in trail racks are sleek and look great on most Jeeps. Some trail racks even come with special brackets for holding two five gallon gas / water cans.

In general, installing a Jeep trail rack will give you greater room to store all your camping gear. The space on your rig can be significantly expanded with a trail rack.

However, if you are looking for large amounts of storage for extended trips you may want to consider a Jeep roof rack. A trail rack is far easier to install and much cheaper than a Jeep roof rack. However, the storage space provided by a trail rack is also much lesser than that provided by a Jeep roof rack. So, depending on your requirements go ahead and install a Jeep trail rack best suited to your needs.

JC Whitney has a Olympic 4X4 Products SPARE-TIRE-MOUNT SIERRA RACK That mounts to your spare tire and is very easy to install and remove. It’s great for trail runs and will hold a cooler and any extra gear you may need.

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