Types of Jeep Wheels

Jeep wheels are probably the part that most reflect Jeep’s growth over the years. Once the ultimate in performance, the Jeep has over the years become a statement of style and elegance as well. The wheel is the round metal ring on which the tire is mounted. It is also often referred to as the ‘rim’.

Wheels not only ensure the superb off road experience that Jeeps offer but are also used to restyle and modify Jeeps. Since a large percentage of Jeepers use their vehicles for off roading and navigating difficult terrains, they also often upgrade their wheels. The customized wheels provide great traction and an easy ride over unfriendly roads. In addition they add to the macho appeal of the Jeep.

Wheels are available in different designs, types and styles like most other Jeep parts. The two primary categories of Jeep wheels are:

  • Stamped sheet metal wheels: These are more commonly available since they are cheaper to produce and provide a more than adequate performance value.
  • Machine cast alloy wheels: These are higher priced than the stamped sheet metal wheels but provide a better quality as well. Hard core off roaders often like to splurge on these wheels.

Some dealers also sell wheels which are a combination of the above two types. In addition to the manufacturing style, wheels can also be customized on other factors like styles, finishes, sizes and spokes.

Also, when buying Jeep wheels there are some other factors that need to be taken in to consideration.

  • Jeep wheel diameter: This is the total wheel diameter when measure from bead seat to bead seat. Jeepers believe that 15″ and 16″ wheels have better bead retention than larger ones due to a raised inner edge or safety bead.
  • Jeep wheel rim width: This is the distance between the outside edges of the bead seat. The rim width determines the wheel size.
  • Backspacing: This is the distance as measured from the inner rim area to the rear side of the wheel mounting surface. This determines the distance between the wheel and the vehicle – or in layman’s terms ‘how far the wheel sticks out’.
  • Offset: Refers to the distance from the exact wheel centerline to the inside wheel mounting surface.
  • Bolt pattern: This refers to the pattern in which the bolts are arranged. The number of bolts being used and the diameter of the bolt circle.

Thus, Jeep wheels come in all sizes and shapes and can significantly enhance the performance and appearance of your rig!

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