Types of Jeep Wrangler Doors

There is a good variety of Jeep Wrangler doors to choose from for your rig. Depending on your requirements you can choose from half doors or full doors.

Half doors give you the amazing feeling of being one with nature and yet protect you from hazards like dirt, gravel, grit and puddles on the road. These are perfect for the top down seasons. Full doors on the other hand afford you the convenience of roll up windows and work really well in the winter months.

Molded Half Doors:

Bestop manufactures some great molded half doors. Long-lasting and durable polyurethane is the material used. It is molded and then reinforced with a steel frame to provide extra security and durability. The Bestop half Jeep Wrangler doors also include some cool accessories on the door like speakers, a light, an armrest and a pocket to hold maps. Available in different colors, these doors are a good buy.

Upper Doors with glass sliding windows:

The half upper Jeep doors with glass sliding windows are a great replacement for the soft upper doors. You no longer need to struggle with the zipper on the door every time you visit a drive-in or tollbooth. These sliding windows are made from scratch-resistant glass and have an easy to use latching mechanism.

Upper Half Doors:

You can also pick soft upper half jeep Wrangler doors for your rig. These are just like the factory originals.

Lower Half Doors:

The lower half doors complement the bikini top. The doors are built with sturdy latches and welded steel frames. They are easy to install and serve the purpose.

2 Piece Full Doors:

The 2 piece Jeep Wrangler doors are just right for people who want to experience every season to its fullest. These doors give you complete flexibility in adjusting your jeep and customizing it to the oncoming season.

Full Doors:

The full jeep doors come with the entire steel frame of a regular door and can accommodate roll-up windows.

The kind of Jeep Wrangler top you choose may also influence your choice of Jeep doors. Generally, you can choose between half door and full height Jeep Wrangler doors with a soft top. However, the hard top comes with full height doors only. Mopar and Bestop are two companies that manufacture some good Jeep Wrangler doors.

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