Get A Jeep Wrangler Hard Top For Your Rig!

Adding a Jeep Wrangler hard top is a great idea to afford protection to your rig and yourself.

The hard top will give you better defense against harsh elements like the sun, snow and rain. It also reduces the road noise and makes the ride more peaceful. You can tint the glasses to prevent the interiors from fading. And of course, last but not the least, it allows you to store items inside the Wrangler without worrying about them being stolen.Some jeepers may prefer the Jeep Wrangler soft top. But there are many reasons by virtue of which the Jeep Wrangler hard top comes out on top!

  • The Wrangler hard top is definitely more durable than the soft top. It is not going to rip like a soft top can, and can better withstand nature’s harsh treatment.
  • The Wrangler hard top is also better looking than the soft top. Aesthetically speaking, you can get the Wrangler hard top in the same color as your cab. Once put together, the whole rig flows together beautifully with no disturbance in the body. The soft top creates a break in the body and disturbs the symmetry of the rig.
  • The Jeep hard top provides better protection than the soft top. Soft tops are susceptible to vandalism and theft. It becomes difficult to store items in the rig. With hard tops you can rest assured of security.

A soft top can cause problems in winter. It can be fairly difficult to clean the snow and ice off soft windows. Also if your area gets hailstorms that could be a problem.

Thus, adding a Jeep Wrangler hard top to your rig is a great idea! Bestop and Pavement Ends have some great Jeep Wrangler hard top options.

If you’re like me and prefer a hardtop, you just might want to look into picking up a Jeep Hardtop Hoist.

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