Buying Guide For Willys Jeeps For Sale

More and more Jeepers are getting interested in Willys jeeps for sale given the fact that the Jeep is the most recognized vehicle around the world. Willys jeeps are fairly limited since a lot of these early jeeps were sent overseas for military purposes. Most were abandoned since the cost of importing them back to the U.S. was greater than they were considered worth.

However, with the growing popularity of early Jeeps, everyone wants to know where to find Willys jeeps. Here are some tips on where to find Willys jeeps for sale and what to look for in them.

Where to find Willys jeeps for sale:


  • With the Internet shrinking geographical distances it has become considerably easier to find a Willys jeeps. Simply get online and browse the many websites and trading boards run by Jeepers. Invariably you will find links and leads to good boards where you can get leads on Willys jeeps for sale.
  • The good thing about shopping online at trading boards is that you get to deal directly with the owners of the Willys jeeps for sale. So chances are you can get a better deal and a more honest status report on the Jeep. Yahoo! auctions and Ebay are two good places to start looking for Willys jeeps for sale.

  • Leave a word with your local truck trader that you are interested in buying a Willys jeep. If you’re not in a rush invariably someone will come along to sell exactly the rig you are looking for.
  • Browse the yellow pages OR give an advertisement in the classified yourself. You’ll be surprised at the response you receive. Make sure you indicate your intention to buy in a nationally circulated newspaper.

What to looks for in Willys jeeps for sale:

  • Rust is the biggest problem with Jeeps so check the fenders, body tub, fuel tank and floor pan for rust. Replacement parts are easily available but you could negotiate a better deal and save a few hundred dollars.
  • Another thing to check for is the engine status. The engine block often cracks and if that’s the case you will need to check what can be done about it depending on the extent of damage.
  • Another thing to test for is if the gear box is functioning properly. The early Willys had very strong gear boxes but were known for a problem with the 2nd gear. So go for a test drive and see if that’s working fine or not. You may have to rebuild the gearbox. Again, it’s doable but will cost you some money and effort so you can get a better price on the jeep.

In general, well maintained Willys jeeps for sale can go for anywhere in the region of $8000 – $10,000. Willys jeeps for sale that are in middling to ok condition will cost you about $4000 – $7000. Again, these are only rough estimates and every rig will vary in cost depending on its overall condition.

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